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Evaluation Springboard is designed to help school and district educators as well as others who want to know how well their program is working to conduct well-structured evaluations. The site provides:

You should enter the site at the place that is most useful to you. All sections are linked, so it is easy to move from one section to another.

For example, let’s say you are totally new to the idea of program evaluation. You might start with Evaluation 101 and read through “Why do an evaluation?” and “What is an evaluation?” At some point, you might ask yourself, “But how would this work in a school?” and you can jump to a case study for an example. In the case study, you might read about the use of a logic model to help understand the components of a program, and you can jump to a lab to read about and practice using elements of a logic model.

At any point, you can return to Evaluation 101 to review concepts, to Case Studies to get real-life examples, or to Labs to try out some evaluation strategies. If you have other questions or need additional help, there are tons of resources listed for you to check out. So there’s just about everything you need—except the thinking power you will bring to the site to empower your own evaluation.

Go for it! It’s an essential step in providing the best program possible to accomplish your desired outcomes. And well worth the effort.

Note: Many links on this site are to files in PDF format. To open PDF files, you will need a PDF reader program installed on your computer such as Adobe Reader. To download Adobe Reader for free, click here.